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An introduction to us

I thought i would take the opportunity to introduce you to the faces behind Little Goat Gruff, My name is Paris and i set up Little Goat Gruff alongside my Husband Daniel. We have a four month old son named Fox, pictured here in our Kite Foxy Romper  with our Narwhal Knitted rattle.

I had been looking for a new career path for sometime, searching for the elusive job that you enjoy doing. To be honest i didn't believe it existed and thought work was just a means to an end, how wrong was i? Now i find myself excited to work on our little venture everyday!

Stuck under Fox for hours on end cluster feeding i perused the internet for ideas and came across Little Goat Gruff for sale and in a spur of the moment decision bought the website and set about restocking with the brands i use and love such as Kite, DUNS, Maxomorra, JNY, Little Frog, Elf Nappies, Slugs and Snails and Pigeon Organics. I didn't enter this completely blind though, my husband and i both have a background in retail and business.

With a focus on Scandi style, bright colours and unisex clothes we hope you love the products we sell as much as we do!

I'll be blogging regularly so check back for blogs on our family life, cloth nappies, baby wearing and more.


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