Why We Decided To Use Cloth Nappies

I'm going to write a few blogs on cloth nappies (and wipes!) as i get so many questions about them they will cover why we chose to use them, the different types, fit and wash and our own personal journey with cloth.

To be honest i'm not 100% sure what initially gave me the idea to use cloth nappies but very early on in my pregnancy i decided too, the cost and environmental impact was what really drove our decision. 

8 million disposables end up in land fill a DAY in the uk which take 200-500 years to decompose, the numbers blew my mind and as an avid recycle-er i decided i couldn't be part of that.

Then there is the cost, disposable nappies and wipes from birth to potty cost approx £1000-£2000 depending on what brand you choose.

Depending on whether you become a cloth nappy addict and buy all the nappies (like me) you could spend as little as £100 on enough cloth nappies to last from birth to potty which can usually then be used on subsequent children! The figures speak for themselves, you can essentially save enough for a holiday!

Please don't think i am some Eco warrior angel, in the first few weeks of Fox coming home I didn't even venture into cloth as it was so daunting despite having spent hours researching and buying numerous different types. In those first few weeks we went through 100's of disposables but slowly we started to experiment and figure out what worked for us, numerous brands, materials, types and dozens of pee soaked outfits  all of a sudden it just clicked and i went cold turkey on my 'just in case' disposables and i haven't bought a single one since!

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