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Kate Fletcher— February 14, 2014

1. Unless you keep your heating on all night, your baby will want a long sleeved sleepsuit. Get one with covered feet as socks will be wriggled out of by midnight!

2. A winter weight (2.5 tog) sleeping bag will keep your baby warm at bedtime and ensure that they don't kick off their blankets halfway through the night. If your house is really cold, you might want to seek out one with sleeves or a hood.

3. Dead easy winter dressing. Just zip baby into a snowsuit and they are ready for anything - pram, toddling, rain, wind, snow - these things are weatherproof.

4. True baby essentials. If you buy nothing else, make sure you have a nice warm winter hat. Babies always have freezing hands so mittens are needed - although Alice never manages to keep hers on for more than five minutes.

5. A footmuff is like a sleeping bag for the pram. Has holes for the straps so baby is safe, but usually lined with something cosy such as fake fur or fleece. I have been very jealous of this on many pram walks.

6. A knitted, hooded cardigan is easy to throw on for quick walks and good for covering all the bits that stick out of the foot muff.

7. In cold weather, a short sleeved babygrow just isn't going to cut it. Add another layer over tiny arms with a long sleeved bodysuit.

8. For wearing indoors to keep away draughts (especially in old houses) or for wearing in the car before the heating kicks in, a jersey hat keeps baby warm without overheating.

9. For naps when you don't want to put your baby into their PJs and sleeping bag, a knitted blanket will help them stay warm.

10. For trips outside, car travel and general winter wind protection! A fleece blanket is great for stopping draughts and a few raindrops. If you do a lot of car travel, a specialised car seat cover is snug and cosy.

11. I've seen loads of these fluffy playsuits on other people's babies at playgroups! They're all in one, so easy to wear, and great for adventurous little ones. Good for playgroups and romping around on the floor. A hood seems like a good idea too. The advantage of these is that they aren't as bulky as a snowsuit, so you don't need to take it off before putting them into their car seat.

12. A friend has these Mummy Mitts and they look ace. They're basically padded mittens that stay stuck to the pram handle, so you slip your hands out to buttons coats etc but keep hands warm whilst walking. Genius!

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