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Kate Fletcher— February 14, 2014


Before becoming a mum, I used to love those 'what do I keep in my handbag?' blog posts, for I am fundamentally an extremely nosy person. Lots of 'oh, she has 3 bottles of perfume but no pens? That is not somebody I could be friends with,' type mental gossiping to be had.

However, now that I'm a mum my handbag mostly contains spilled baby snacks and used dummies. So, I reckon that changing bag contents are more interesting.

In the name of this blog, I tipped out the bag on the kitchen floor and had a bit of a sort-out.

  • Pack of doggy training pads - someone once recommended these to me for putting under a baby for nappy free time, to absorb accidents and give them a clean surface to kick on
  • Spare milk bottle teat - you can buy bottled formula nearly anywhere in case of emergency, but the teats are hard to find
  • Teething ring - om nom nom
  • Organix sweetcorn snacks bag - great for fractious supermarket trips
  • Travel changing mat
  • Ziplok bag of baby wipes - better than luggings around the whole packet
  • Bonjela teething gel, Mini tub of Sudocrem and Calpol sachets - just in case
  • Bunny rattle
  • Dummy holder with two sterilised dummies - pack these, if you don't pack anything else - unless you like driving home with half an hour of crying coming from the car seat
  • Nappy sacks
  • NHS baby Heath Record book
  • Clean disposable nappies
  • Spare babygrow, t-shirt and tights - in case of really major accidents
  • Knitted hat
  • Travel highchair - good for cafe stops

In the name of journalistic honesty, I should also show you the stuff I removed from the bag before taking these photos:

  • used nappy
  • bag of poosploded clothing
  • apple core wrapped in tissue
  • too-small tights
  • a tub of custard I'd forgotten about

Over to you - what is essential to keep in your changing bag? Am I missing something vital? Let me know your top bits of kit to carry round!

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