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Kate Fletcher— March 10, 2014

We've had Easter on our minds at Little Goat Gruff this week. The trees are budding, the sun's out and the birds are chirping - and the storms broke our bird feeder, so we need a replacement!

So, we got busy making some tasty hanging bird seed treats and some pretty garlands. Fancy making your own? Read on, MacDuff.

Bird seed hanging decorations

You need some bird seed, some peanut butter or regular butter (or maybe any sticky spread or lard that's OK for birds!), some slices of bread (it's OK to be a bit stale), some biscuit cutters and some thick thread or wool.

1. Toast your bread. This makes it stronger and firmer.

2. Spread the toast thickly with peanut butter (or whatever you're using)

3. Sprinkle bird seed over the peanut butter, then press down gently to make sure it's stuck. Tip any leftover loose seed onto the next piece.

4. Use the biscuit cutter to cut a shape out of the slice. I used rabbits and hearts for a rather Easter themed set of decorations. If you're using a thick crust like I did, try flipping it over and pressing from the other side as well to help it cut through.

5. Use a chopstick or other pointy thing to poke a hole through the middle, then thread the needle and thread through. Leave a generous length and knot the ends together.

6. You have a finished decoration. hang it on the tree near a branch which the bird can perch on.

7. Don't throw away the crusts - add some more thread and hang those, too!

Popcorn garland

We had half a bag of leftover popcorn, which is quite unusual for Gruff Towers! (Whitey's gourmet popcorn - highly recommended.)

1. Using the same large sewing needle and some more thread from the decorations, cut a piece of thread the same length as you'd like your finished garland (I used about a metre and a half per garland).

2. Knot one end - make the knot as large as you can - and just start threading the needle through the popcorn kernels. You can string them quite loosely. Keep going til you reach the end (bit too simple for a tutorial, this one...).

3. Knot the end and drape artistically over your tree.

Hope you enjoy making your birdy decorations - look forward to hearing some happy chirping sounds!

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