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Kate Fletcher— August 25, 2014

If your babe is grizzling when you’re trying to do the weekly shop, here are some great healthy snack ideas to buy a little time. They’re also terrific cupboard staples and good for doctor’s waiting rooms and other please-just-be-quiet-for-a-bit scenarios!

Top snacks

  1. Popcorn. Low in fat, sugar and just about anything, assuming you get one which is unflavoured and not heavily salted this is guiltless healthy snack food! We like the Proper Corn brand.
  2. Melon cubes. Not too sugary as fruit goes, but sweet and ready to eat, these are a great emergency snack.
  3. Chicken bites. Protein packed and hunger quenching – Alice approves of Fridge Raiders.
  4. Natural yoghurt pots. If your babe likes the taste, this is really really healthy, low in sugar, high in calcium and filling – worth a pit stop in the chilled aisle.
  5. Mini cheeses. The ultimate silence buyer. We’re big fans of the Cathedral Cheddar Chedds bites packs, though they are extortionate compared to the price of a slab of the same stuff. Can’t go too far wrong with the low-salt Babybel, either!

Some things which sound healthy, but are best to avoid

-          Grapes. Have the highest sugar and lowest fibre of any fruit.

-          Dried fruit. Packed with sugar, a recipe for crazy sugar rushes

-          Cereal bars. Usually have more sugar than a KitKat! Plus the honey and grains they’re made with really stick to baby’s teeth.

-          Fruit juice. About the same amount of sugar as a Coke. Go for a water/fruit juice blend like Tropicana Kids, or try coconut water which is tasty and really good for you.

If you have a child who likes couscous, aubergine bits etc. then there are some great emergency snacks in the lunch section. However if yours is like mine, you might not want to risk the scornful rejection of grilled aubergine onto the supermarket floor…

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