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Laura Chadwick— November 09, 2014

So your babe has a cold and nobody’s getting any sleep. Baby’s uncomfortable and miserable and you’re ready to drive to an all-night chemist’s and spend as much as it takes to make him feel better. Here are the best recommendations, tips and tricks that we’ve collected in the last year and a half of having a sniffly baby!


Things we’ve tried and can vouch for

  1. Massaging baby’s back with Snufflebabe or similar vapour rub
  2. A few drops of Olbas oil on a muslin tied to one of the cot bars
  3. Raising up the head end of the mattress with a cushion underneath
  4. Dab vapour rub on the soles of baby’s feet before bed and put a pair of socks on top
  5. A couple of drops of breastmilk in the nose
  6. A steamy bath
  7. A squirt of baby nasal spray
  8. Using a nose bulb to suck out excess mucous
  9. Saline baby nasal drops
  10. A dab of Vaseline around baby’s nose to prevent soreness from nose wiping


Things we’ve heard about but haven’t tried – let us know if they work!

  1. A humidifier
  2. A basin of hot water under the cot, with Olbas oil in or Vicks
  3. Plug-in Calpol vapouriser
  4. Piercing a hole in a dummy so that baby can breathe through it
  5. Putting a plate of sliced onion in baby’s room overnight


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