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Laura Chadwick— June 22, 2016

With festivals sweeping the nation, Glastonbury just around the corner, and a variety of different musical weekends taking England and the rest of the world by storm, many parents will be cautious about taking baby with them. Not to worry, taking the little ones along to join in the festival fun couldn’t be easier with our top tips and products, whether it’s having a go on the fairground rides, camping old fashioned style or just rocking out to your favourite live music, we have you covered.

Here’s a little list that we have created from us to you, showing you parents what we think are essential  items for a safe and happy festival baby:

Ear Protection

We think all mums would agree that one of the greatest concerns when taking baby to a festival or any other live music event really is  the volume of the music and the effect which this  can have on our little ones ears.  Luckily, here at  Gruff Towers we stock Baby Banz ear protectors and  defenders in green of course, to keep up the  outdoorsy, nature theme. The ear defenders are  appropriate for any baby over 3 months old  meaning that even the littlest of music lovers can join in the fun.

Holding Baby

We know you’re not being selfish when you’ve been holding baby all day and you think ‘oh I wish you could just walk already’, the thought of having to lug around a heavy baby carrier or get your shiny new pram stuck in the mud is enough to put even the keenest festival goers off. However, we’ve got this one ready for you as well, the Calin Bleu range of woven wraps in seven different stylish colours enables you to dance the night away, with baby able to join in whilst being safe and close. You can wrap the sling around your upper body numerous ways and be assured that however you choose to wear it, baby will be comfortable.

Rain Troubles
Not to sound too pessimistic but I think we all know the chances of getting sun all weekend at a festival are pretty slim; it goes without saying that emergency wellingtons and coats are essential. What people don’t think to take to festivals are umbrellas because, well let’s face it trying to dance, juggle an umbrella and have a good time isn’t easy even without baby too look after. We know while you’re dancing you or baby won’t care particularly if your hair gets a bit wet but just to be extra safe it’s a great idea just to pack a little hat to keep babies head warm. Our range of hats are not just cute but practical as well, our favorites are the Olive & Mosscollection, don’t you think they’re just adorable?
In Case of Sun
That being said about the rain, you never know you may strike it gold and have the hottest summer since records begin (if only). But on a serious note we all know how dangerous the sun can be and to little sensitive eyes it can be twice as strong, baby can look cool & cute with our adventure sunglasses also by Baby Banz and not worry about squinting over the weekend.
Safety First
Sometime’s when packing it’s easy to forget the most important things, we all do it really, so just a last couple of little suggestions we think could come in handy. It’s the middle of the night and your little one needs changing or looking after, it’s pitch black, you’re falling all over your tent, you can’t find the zip, baby is starting to cry, everything is going wrong, just as you start to panic you remember you packed your Sleepy Owl LED torch light - perfect for middle of the night emergencies.  In case of emergency, as rare as it may be, it’s always best to be prepared so we would suggest our most important festival goody is the a portable first aid kit that is great for travel; it’s best to be safe with little ones around and the Ouch Pouch comes with everything from hand sanitiser to insect bite cream making it an all round winner.

We hope this blog post has been useful and if any of you are heading off to a festival, camping for the weekend or going caravaning, we hope you have an amazing time & remind you to cherish your memories with your little ones, happy travelling, see you again soon!

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