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Laura Chadwick— June 24, 2016

In or out? It seems to be the question on every mummy or daddy’s minds at the minute and with the recent decision on the referendum we thought a little light hearted British pride was in order. No one knows what the future will hold but what we do know is that Great Britain is indeed pretty great. Here at Little Goat Gruff we respect everyone’s choices, but one thing we can all agree on is that we have a lot to be proud of for our little country. From our history, to what we stand for now, we are a multicultural hub of exciting and patriotic people, and not to forget extra cute babies.

At Little Goat Gruff we not only thought it was a good idea to show you some of our cool and quirky Union Jack themed baby clothes, but also to show you to some of our high quality toys and accessories that have been made right here by designers and brands in Great Britain.

First off we thought, what better to start with than to show you some stunning Union Jack logo clothes and shoes. One of our personal favourites is our rocker baby ‘Anarchy in the Nursery’ babygrow by cool new brand - Nippaz With Attitude. This little baby grow combines our patriotic pride with hilarious pun on the classic Sex Pistols song ‘Anarchy in the UK’ with slogan - ‘Anarchy in the Nursery’. The baby grow is ribbed for extra comfort and made from the highest quality 100% cotton, with this witty design you and baby will be the talk of the play area.

Here at Gruff Towers we also like to have a little look around to see what other great products we can find. As parents ourselves we are dedicated to finding great products everyone will love. One of our favourite online products was this adorable Union Jack pacifier from website


Union Jack Pacifier

This cute little dummy matches perfectly with our leather little Union Jack Booties.  Not only do these little shoes represent our pride of country with the Union Jack design covering the whole shoe, but these high quality pair were also made right here, therefore supporting our economy and supporting our fashionista’s to give baby an adorable look that everyone will be envious off.

Continuing the theme of ‘made in the UK’ we also wanted to show you how excellent we in England can make unique toys and gifts. At Little Goat Gruff we love to work with little companies who are dedicated to providing the best quality things for baby and parents, this is not limited just to the UK but we think sometimes its extra nice just to see what our country is doing for our marketing and brands. Our little Toddlers sun parasol by Alphabet Nursery in style ABC red & white gingham is the perfect accessory for this summer to keep your little toddler cool & cute on the beach and again has been styled and made in the UK. Another thing we can’t argue with here in Great Britain is everybody loves a cuddly friend and no one makes quite as good companion as our Vintage-style nursery mouse rag doll soft toy by Powell Craft, another beautifully crafted product of Great Britain who will make the perfect companion for your little one.

We’ve recently joined Pinterest also & would love it if you could give us a follow. Through joining we were opened to all of the love our Union Jack receives and thought it was great how many people were supporting the idea of a traditional Great British tea party, just a little idea if you’re stuck for a theme for a party, or just want to do something different with a Sunday afternoon. For more things all babies, cuteness & new exciting themed pins coming all the time follow our user:

Whatever the future holds, Gruff Towers is dedicated to providing great quality products from our special little country and beyond.

See you soon bleaters!

Some of these images are not our own, but we love checking out what other people have to offer and are sure you do as well so we’ll leave you with some of our links for you to explore:

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