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Laura Chadwick— July 04, 2016

The question all expecting parents wonder... blue or pink?

We’ve done some research to bring you this list of brilliantly bizarre myths and legends that apparently indicate the gender of your baby which you can try and check at home.
We’re sure all you expectant mums have heard many of the classic old wives tales to try and predict if you’re having a prince or princess, these ‘signs’ range from quite interesting, to very silly (well we think anyway).

  • The classic are you carrying your baby low or high? Myth has it that if you’re carrying your baby low then the chances are your having a little boy, if its high then you’d better be reaching for the pink ribbon.


  • Bumpy skin? Many people believe that if you get acne or just more spots than you’d normally have then you’re having a girl. If you’re skin is flawless and glowing, no you haven’t turned in to Beyoncé, you’re just supposed to be having a boy.


  • Old wives tales also tell us that your taste buds are tell-tales when it comes to gender. If you’re craving all things sugary and sweet then you’re having a little girl, but if you just want crisps, dips and all things savoury then you’re more likely to be carrying blue.


  • Now go and look in the mirror, if your pupils are dilated it means you’re having a boy. (Okay we agree this one is a little bit unrealistic).


  • Another very interesting one, legend has it if you’re able to eat lots of garlic and not smell one bit like it, you’re having a girl, if you’re stinking out the house – it’s a boy. We cannot however be held responsible if you have to take more showers than usual after trying this one!


  • One of the most famous and last tale we’ll be sharing is the ring test. Get a friend or partner to take a ring and attach it to a piece of string. Now hang the string in front of your bump, if the ring sways left to right like a pendulum then it’s said to be a boy. If it swings in a circular motion it’s apparently a little girl.


We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed discussing these very interesting methods. Of course if you’re that desperate to know you could always do the easy thing and pop to the hospital on your 20 week scan and find out then, or do it the traditional way and find out on the day, we have some adorable new unisex baby gift sets on sale, just click and see!

As always have a good day and let us know if any of the above were true for you!


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