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Laura Chadwick— July 12, 2016

Leicester square last night was home to a host of lots of our favourite stars as hundreds of fans made their way down to witness the moment many of us having been waiting years to see, the premier of the new Disney Pixar Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory. Although your little ones are definitely too young to remember when the first fishy film came out, we are sure they will love the latest instalment of everyone’s favourite underwater friends. The classic clown fish adventure is one of our favourites here at Gruff Towers so we thought we’d get on board the excitement by making our store theme for this week ‘Underwater Baby’.

From fun games to funky artwork and cuddly fishy friends, here’s our guide to all things watery and wonderful:

The first thing we thought of when we had decided on our theme was this wooden magnetic fishing game called "Fishing Lily" by Djeco. We love working with Djeco because not only are their products high quality, but they are educational too. Get in the splashing spirit and learn alongside play by helping baby identify a variety of coloured fish, whilst improving hand-eye coordination and imagination at the same time. The game comes with two rods so mummy or daddy could play with baby, or just play together by trying to catch the fish from the lily pond.(Although we’d know we’d never like to catch Nemo!)

The next thing that we love here at Little Goat Gruff is our favourite friendly humpback whale soft toy by Best Days. We know that although there are some gigantic whales in Finding Nemo, you are very lucky if you have seen one in real life.  The next best thing we can offer here for baby is our fun sized whale who is easily machine washable and is suitable for even the smallest of babies, a lot more manageable than keeping the real thing at home!

Another thing that we love is maybe something that you parent’s will appreciate a bit more. Coming up with a bedroom theme we know is hard, but we just love the idea of a sea themed bedroom, a cute idea for both little girls & boys. A simple yet effective idea for room decoration is the A3 sized 'Whale' giclee art print by designer Mengsel. This simple yet effective piece of art brightens any room and gives it a touch of baby style.

The last thing we want to mention in our Underwater Baby theme is the obvious choice of swimming. Our previous blog explains all we think you need to know about safe swimming with your baby, but this gift set contains a few extras that we think would be perfect for your little fish including a hooded towel and a swimming hat.

We hope you found our blog useful and would love for you to take a look around our store and also our Pinterest board that follows our underwater theme. If you’re off to see Finding Dory soon, enjoy and we might see you there!

Thanks for reading and keep bleating.


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