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Baby swimwear including happy nappy

Babies can start swimming from newborn. Baby swimming is an experience that builds your baby’s confidence of the water and an activity that parents can enjoy too. Reusable swim nappies are inexpensive and the most popular baby swimming costumes are Happy Nappies by Splashabout.

When choosing swimming pants or a costume, size is the first consideration and second is the ability of the nappy to contain any accidents. Happy Nappies fit snugly and are made from neoprene, like wetsuits, to keep baby warm during swimming. Disposable swim nappies that go under the outer layer can be purchased separately.

Toddlers and older children will likely prefer board shorts for boys or a full body swimsuit for girls, which are stylish and hide the disposable nappy. Little Goat Gruff has a variety of  swimming costumes for children 0 - 2, as well  as swim caps and hats to keep your little one's head warm in the pool. For information on our personal experience with baby swimming check out our baby swimming blog post.

Our collection also includes baby swimming hats and special swimming gift sets containing a Happy Nappy of your chosen size, swim hat and towel.


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