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Starting from choosing a baby name there are several essential items that an expecting parent should be thinking about. If you have already visited our clothing & accessories section you will already have a idea about what baby clothing you need from day one.If you are still at the stage of selecting baby names, our books have a great selection containing both baby boy names and baby girl names.

Over the first few months you may want to introduce a dummy to help with soothing and teething. Babies are notorious for spitting their dummy out onto some unhygienic surface and there are only so many dummies that you can carry. An inexpensive solution is a dummy clip, which attaches the dummy to your baby or toddler's clothes. When baby drops the dummy it is close by and easy to find.

Even before the introduction of solid foods a bib is essential to keep baby clean and reduce your wash load. A dribble bib by Babble Bibs is a slim bandana like bib that can be worn as an accessory. It’s ideal for catching spills from baby’s mouth, protecting their clothing.

In this section Little Goat Gruff carries some great new baby little gifts. We highly recommend either sock ons for new babies or plod ons for babies learning to crawl. We also carry two essential pram accessories, the Diono buggy hooks that provide additional capacity for your pram and a pram/pushchair wrist strap. The latter is a link that tethers your pram to you so there is less risk of the pram pulling away.


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