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    These products are hand-crafted and inspired by the wild and ever changing Cornish coast.. Harsh sun, salt spray, wind and rain, these elements shape how we live and gave Hannah and Richard the owners the desire to produce climate and nature inspired skin care. All of their products begin with collecting wild Cornish seaweed.. Armed with a bucket each, some heavy duty bags, two pairs of large scissors and wellington boots, we walk down to our local shore line at low tide, timing is everything, to start hand cutting the top part of the variety of the olive-brown seaweed that we use, (Fucus Serratus). We only cut the top part of the plant, this then has a similar effect to pruning plants in a garden and helps to stimulate regrowth and is only collected from an area where they have permission, since most of the coast is covered by a Marine Conservation Protection Zone.

    1 product

    1 product