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Blue Fruits Dungarees - Velour


Brand DUNS
Size Guide

Comfy Dungarees with crotch poppers upto size 74.


100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Velour

GOTS Certified Non Toxic dye and print.

GOTS Certified production.

Here is some information from Duns on their 100% organic cotton velour -

What is velour?

Velour is a fabric that can be woven or knitted. For velour the loops has been cut into hair. Fabric with un-cut loops is called terry.

Why do we have a 100% Organic cotton velour?

1. We dislike synthetic materials.

2. The GOTS standards does not allow us to use more than 8%  polyester in a product. For a polyester blend velour we would need 18- 24 % of polyester. With polyester we would get a thinner, smoother velour. This velour would have a great shine and a synthetic feel, this kind of velour is not an option for us.

3. We are proud to have 100% organic cotton velour. A 100% cotton velour is more heavy than a synthetic blend velour. The hair of a 100% cotton velour is shorter compared to a synthetic blend velour. The look and feel has more in common with terry than a synthetic blend velour. When you remove the velour garment from the plastic bag there might be creases from the folding. Shake it out, put it on a hanger or put the garment on and the crease will be gone. A 100% cotton velour makes long lasting garments.

What are the dye/print options for velour?

- Solid velour. The fabric is dyed in one solid colour.
- Printed with Bleach. The fabric is dyed in one solid colour and then printed with bleach (This is not an option we approve).
- Printed velour. The hair of the velour is all over printed. Bottom is un-dyed. This is the option we have chosen.