Yumbox 'Tapas' exterior box and removable, tray with 4 compartment in a explore design.  Designed for adults, active teens and pre-teens.

All food-safe materials, BPA-free and phthalates-free. Sturdy ABS (outer box), Tritan (tray) and Silicone (seal).

4.2 Cup volume: 2 larger sections, two side servings plus a dip/treat well.
Dimensions: 24cm (l) x 17.5cm (w) x 4.6cm (h).

What is it:  A versatile box which comes with either a 4 or 5 compartment tray which can be interchanged  (extra trays are available to purchase seperately).  For example if you purchase a 5 compartment box you can buy an extra 4 compartment tray and it will still fit and provide a leakproof seal

Layout:  Available in either 4 of 5 compartments to suit individual eating preferences

What does it offer: The ability to pack stylish, healthy, waste free meals for adults

Who is it designed for:  The Tapas is designed to suit active pre-teens, teens and adults.
Pack a nutritious lunch for work, school, sports and travel with a variety of healthy foods.