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Doddl - Cutlery set

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Doddl has been designed specifically for children, enabling them to use cutlery successfully and with ease, building independence, confidence and ability. Doddl helps your child develop skills, build confidence and make the successful transition to adult cutlery.

• Compact, comfortable and easy to hold; Doddl helps children effectively direct food into their mouths; aiding better hand eye co-ordination. • Non-slip, soft touch materials are expertly placed so children instinctively use a 'pincer' grip; a key skill required for writing, drawing and using adult cutlery correctly.

• The unique Doddl knife is designed to cut through food (not skin) and nestles in the palm, enabling children to utilise the strength of their hand and arm to cut through food safely.

• The Doddl knife offers a safe alternative to a kitchen knife. Children can enjoy participating in food preparation and cooking - a great way to get children interested in healthy eating.

• Long lasting - helps transition to adult cutlery. • Dishwasher safe. • Researched and tested over 18 months. • Endorsed by professionals.

• High quality BPA & Phthalate free materials.

• Certified to standard EN 14372.

• Suitable for children aged 12 months and over.

• Manufactured using high quality BPA and Phthalates free materials. • Researched, developed and tested over 18 months with Child Development Specialists.

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