MiniVivi Cloth Sanitary Pads
MiniVivi Cloth Sanitary Pads

MiniVivi Cloth Sanitary Pads

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We are lucky to stock these wonderful reusable continence and menstrual pads in a fabric exclusive to us at Little Goat Gruff.

They are £9/£9.50 each but will soon pay for themselves. Most people find a stash of 12 pads is enough. 

Did you know that the average single-use pad holds just 20ml of liquid? Many people also find disposable pads uncomfortable and hot, and expensive! At an average of 50p per pad, periods can set you back £10 a month, and if you need daily protection from bladder leaks you can be spending £15 a week, if not more. Because our pads hold more, and can be washed and reused, a set of 10 pads can last you years. Minivivi pads are tested to withstand up to 200 washes. That's a lot of periods! 

The 11" Original pads have been specially designed for bladder leaks and/or heavy bleeding. With non-wick wings and charcoal impregnated microfleece backing to reduce any odour, the pads have an organic cotton/hemp blend core with a hidden waterproof layer for extra protection and
are topped with your choice of fabric against the skin. The 11" Original holds approximately 150ml when fully prewashed. 

For those preferring a shorter pad, the 8" Original is ideal, holding up to 90ml, and both the 11" and 8" pads are available as LITE with half the core, making them ideal as a daily liner.

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