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Reusable Food Wrap - Beeswax and Soy Free


Size Guide

These vegan friendly reusable food wraps are a great way of reducing your plastic use - an eco alternative to cling film.

Use to wrap foods in the fridge or for taking a packed lunch!

These come in two pack sizes each containing 3 wraps -

Mulitpack - Small 20x20cm, Medium 30x30cm, Large 41x 33cm -

Lunchbox Multipack - Small 15x15cm, Medium 25x25cm, Large 30x30cm

These wraps can be used again and again if treated right, to keep them looking their best -

  • Do not get them hot or place in the microwave
  • Wash with cold soapy water and air dry
  • Do not use for meat

Made using a Vegan, soy free wax.

Ingredients -

Ingredients: Organic Cotton fabric, Natural Beeswax Substitute (Sumac  wax, Sunflower wax, Palm free stearic acid, Ester Wax CP, Stearyl Alcohol) Pine Resin, Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba oil.

You can refresh the wax by placing in the oven on a low heat on a lined baking tray, the wax will melt covering any cracks.