Tender Leaf - Doll's House Wall Decor

Tender Leaf - Doll's House Wall Decor

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10 wonderful accessories to brighten up a dolls house and make it feel like home.

They all have double sided sticky tape on the back so your child can stick them wherever they like. 

These decor items will look lovely will all of the furniture packs you can get for Tender Leaf dolls houses. 


Set consists of:

  • 1 x Oval mirror
  • 1 x Cuckoo clock
  • 1 x Unicorn head
  • 1 x Portrait of the grandparents
  • 1 x Photo of the pet pooch
  • 3 x flying ducks
  • 1 x Set of 3 hooks and tote bag

Product dimensions: 25 x 22 x 4.5 cms

Suitable for age 3+