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Modern, colourful and friendly with a retro edge: Little Goat Gruff stocks the best and brightest things for that special baby or much-loved child. If you're tired of wandering round the same few kids' shops looking at the same old brands, why not take a peek at the terrific things we have to share with you! Maybe you're looking for a gift for a birthday, Christmas or the arrival of a new grandchild. Maybe you've seen something really cool on someone's blog and you just have to have it. Maybe you're just looking for a new sleepsuit that isn't covered in porridge stains. Whatever you're after, we've got something to suit you.

Our categories organise the choices into neat sections, each with helpful advice. When starting out we recommend you look at babygrows & vests as well as baby leggings & tights, these are the essentials to get your little one covered and make wonderful gifts. When you've got the basics sorted, then there's a whole world of choice - you'll be surprised how many baby bibs alone there are to choose from! Not all preparation for baby is clothes and blankets - there are baby toys too. From traditional teddies to rattles and our favourite musical toys which inspire learning and development. If you have a water baby like ours, we also stock baby swimming costumes and Happy Nappies.

So whether you are at the point of finding baby names, preparing for a baby shower, selecting nursery furniture sets or extending your baby accessories, Little Goat Gruff provides a choice of quality baby items and pages with help and advice for you. Regardless of whether you are expecting your first or you're a seasoned parent it makes sense to buy quality brands which look great and last.


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